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Mjøsen kaffe awarded 3rd place in NM-finale i kaffebrenning

Marius Monssveen at the NM-finale i kaffebrenning 2021

The 2021 finale of the Norwegian coffee roasting championships have been held in Oslo.

Our very own Marius Monssveen represented Mjøsen kaffe in the national finals, finishing in 3rd place.

Join the Mjøsen kaffe team behind-the-scenes at the NM-finale i kaffebrenning, here…

Pallplassering NM Coffee Roasting 2020:

  1. Simo Kristidhi (Solberg & Hansen) 551,75 poeng.
  2. Tor Sigve Taksdal (Austrått kaffebrenneri) 508,3 poeng.
  3. Marius Monssveen (Mjøsen kaffe) 501,25 poeng.

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